• Australian Native Eucalyptus Essential Oil

    Native to Australia, the Eucalyptus Tree or Gum Tree as they are colloquially known, is one of the most common plants used for therapeutic remedies. Grown all over the world, Eucalyptus Trees are fast growing and provide shade in dry arid environments. Often used for its medicinal properties, the healing power comes from eucalyptus essential oil found in its leaves.

    The extraction process is simple with correct equipment and method. Traditionally the leaves are air dried, crushed and distilled which allows the essential oil to be released and harvested. Eucalyptus Essential Oil is extremely potent, so it is important to dilute it prior to use.

    For many years it has been used for easing cold and flu symptoms. Either by adding a few drops to boiling water and breathing the steam or mixed with a topical cream and rubbing onto chest to help breathe easier. Eucalyptus Essential Oil can also be used an insect repellent or to prevent dogs using certain spaces as a toilet. Also and only when diluted, known for relieving irritation from grazes, bites and rashes.

    Vegan Tree Owl Eucalyptus Essential Oil is Certified Organic and a 100% Pure natural product compliant with Australian standards.

    Eucalyptus Essential Oil

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